The Future of Green Energy: Nuclear Fusion

Where it must be daytime to produce energy with solar panels, it must be windy to produce energy with wind turbines, nuclear fusion can provide us with a constant stream of clean energy 24/7. Nuclear fusion is clean because it doesn’t emit carbon into the air, like coal based power plants or leave radioactive leftovers like nuclear power plants. Moreover it is a safe technology which has the potential to create much larger volumes of energy then traditional or alternative renewable energy sources. As it is being explored as we speak, it might be the best long term energy solution to solve our energy problems as well as our environmental problems.

Nuclear fusion is a process by which multiple like-charged atomic nuclei join together to form a heavier nucleus. During this process there is an enormous release or absorption of energy, which allows matter to enter a plasma state.

As there are many projects underway researching the possibilities of nuclear fusion, projects like the ITER project say it is possible to produce over 500 MW of power with a nuclear fusion power plant.

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