The bubbletree, Green or Not Green?

The bubbletree is a portable and light design, of a small inflatable tent. The designer of the bubbletree Pierre Stephane Dumas says; hosts of the bubbletree can benefit from an amazing acoustic effect. Noises from the outside get reduced, while noises from the inside echo towards the sphere’s hub. People inside the bubble are instantly driven to whisper, rather than shout. According to Pierre the bubble huts are a place where you get rest, breath and lay back.

The problem is that the tent needs a fan in it, that has to keep going twenty-four hours a day. The bubble needs a circulating air supply, so you can’t avoid it. The bubble also looks like it has been made from vinyl or some sort of plastic which can’t be made from green material. So even though the Bubbletree is small, portable and it’s a very nice design, I don’t hope that anyone could call this a green project.