Europe's largest onshore wind farm set for massive expansion

Whitelee is already Europe’s largest onshore wind farm. It creates enough electricity to power 180.000 homes. Once extended, it will be able to create enough power for 300.000 homes.

Over the next two years Whitelee will be ready to almost double it’s power becoming one of the most biggest wind farms in the world. Scottish Power Renewables said in a statement that this expansion will cement Whitelee’s status of Europe’s largest wind farm. Building the extention will create over 200 jobs.

Environmental campaigners welcomed the news, which came as the firm secured a deal with French company Alstom to build the turbines.

“This marks another step forward in Scotland’s ambition to harness renewable energy,” said Dr Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland’s climate policy officer. “Whitelee wind farm already makes a very welcome contribution to meeting Scotland’s targets for renewable electricity and reducing climate change emissions. The addition of further turbines is most welcome.”

A reporter from WWF Scotland said; by 2030 renewable energy could meet between the 60% and 143% of Scotlands electricity demand.

In total 69 large new wind turbines and another 6 smaller sized wind turbines will be built at the site, which will include more than 60 miles of tracks open to the public for hiking and cycling.

Simon Christian, UK director of ScottishPower Renewables, said: “The agreement with Alstom means that work will start shortly on this major extension at Whitelee wind farm, and we expect to be generating electricity by 2012.