Small Wind is coming of age

New technological breakthroughs in small wind energy are creating a significant growth of small wind energy systems. Now, small scale wind energy can finally begin to participate in today’s renewable green energy generation mix.

Small wind energy systems typically generate just enough power to meet the demands of a home, farm or small business. This kinds of systems continues to grow in stature. Commercial customers, particularly small and medium enterprises, have cottoned on to their many benefits – and not just to the bottom line of a balance sheet. Small wind extols a business’s Green credentials, exudes corporate correctness, and engages investors in a way few other trappings of commercial endeavor can muster.

Ranging from 500 W to 100 kW systems consist of a vertical or horizontal axis turbine installed either on- or off-grid.

Recent years have seen significant technological advances made at the utility-scale end of the wind power spectrum of development, leading to ever-larger, more powerful turbines. Paradoxically, perhaps, many of these advances have trickled down to small wind. Add to these rising energy costs and a string of economic incentives designed to wean industry off fossil fuels and the package becomes all the more compelling for businesses and home owners.

Small wind systems are now more reliable, quieter and safer than those introduced in past decades. And although most electricity produced is used on-site, excess generation can be fed into distribution, strengthening the electric grid. It’s a win-win equation.