Amsterdam starts with big solar project

In Amsterdam over 2800 solar panels are getting online in 27 different sites. According to the local government it is the largest urban solar power project in the Netherlands. The panels, which are installed on 21 primary schools and six other buildings, provide energy to power over 200 households. Replacing regular power with electricity from solar panels will reduce 310 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The electricity will first be used to provide energy for the schools, the excess power will be available for interested residents.

Because the panels on the roofs of schools are widely seen, the project will also generate renewable energy awareness that is visible to 4800 pupils and their parents. All locations are fitted with an information panel which displays the current yield. The schools also pay attention to solar energy in the lessons.

Amsterdam aims to reduce the city’s dependence of “environmentally unfriendly and scarce fossil fuels.” “As local government we want to make large-scale deployment of solar power in the city possible” says Maarten van Poelgeest, which is a civil servant of the city of Amsterdam.