Europe can get 35 times more offshore wind energy

offshore wind energyIf you sum up all the offshore wind energy projects currently underway plus the current offshore parks and the approved plans to build offshore wind power projects, it can power over 130 million European homes with electricity. This amount, 141 GW, is 35 times more than the current offshore wind power capacity, which is 4 GW at the moment. If we would look at the 141 GW of possible offshore wind power output, it would be sufficient to supply 13,1% of Europe’s electricity demand.

This is the conclusion of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in a new report. Currently there are multiple offshore wind energy projects underway which have a total capacity of 5.6 GW. The projects are being built in the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

“There is a great interest for the expansion of offshore wind energy” says Arthouros Zervos, chairman of EWEA. More and more project developers, governments and investors are realising the growth potential of offshore wind energy. Furthermore, governments are also aware of the jobs offshore wind energy can create. And that’s what Europe really needs right now.
According to the EWEA report, the offshore wind energy sector can create 169.000 EU-jobs by 2020. So this can really be a great sector to invest in, for governments as for private investors.

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