DIY 330 Watt solar panels from Onyx

Onyx is demonstrating its first 330-Watt “Plug-N-Play” solar panels at their demonstration site in Orlando, Florida. The two all-in-one solar panels have an incorporated micro inverter and a standard US AC power outlet plug that allows the owner to simply plug an extension cord into the panel and then use that chord like an outlet in their home. One of the demonstration panels also has a lithium battery incorporated into the unit that can store power for when the sun isn’t shining. The panels are designed to attract homeowners who are not interested in the expensive installation costs of most solar panels on the market today.

These solar panels differ from typical solar panels because typical ones require expensive installation and wiring costs to install them up to the electrical circuit at your home. The Onyx “Plug -N-Play” will definitely appeal to the “Do-it-Yourself” crowd that wants to set up their own renewable energy array. You can, “literally point the panel at the sun and plug an extension cord directly into the panel for immediate power,” according to the product press release.

Via Engadget, Image via Onyx