The Los Humeros II Geothermal power plant comes online in 2012 (Mexico)

In Mexico, Geothermal energy is starting off 2012 in grand fashion. The Los Humeros Phase II geothermal energy plants in the east-central Mexico state of Puebla due to come fully on-line in May this year. The energy plants will have a capacity of 50 MW. Following the expected completion of the Los Humeros II Phase B plant, the Phase A and Phase B plants will cost-effectively produce more than 400 gigawatt-hours (400GWh) of electricity, enough to provide clean, renewable, baseload electrical power to some 100,000 local homes and businesses.

Mexico’s Energy Dept., the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), and the state of Puebla have been working with France’s Alstom to expand geothermal energy capacity at the site over the past three years. Alstom yesterday announced signing the Los Humeros II Phase B €30-million contract with the CFE, which calls for it to provide a turnkey, 25-MW geothermal power plant.

Via Clean Technica