Cleaner and safer Nuclear Power Plants with Thorium

We all know the downsides of nuclear power. While the nuclear waste you have as a left over product is really an issue, we also experienced the really bad things that could happen if something would go wrong in a Nuclear Power Plant.

However, recently I saw an TED talk by Kirk Sorensen, which gave me more hope in a cleaner nuclear future.

The possible solution is called: Thorium. A thorium reactor (known as LFTR – liquid fluoride thorium reactor) uses liquid rather than solid fuel, produces very little radioactive waste, doesn’t need to be pressurized, and it’s passively safe. On top of that, thorium is abundant on Earth, and we know that the LFTR concept works because decades ago the US built one for R&D purposes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video (see above) where Kirk Sorensen explains why this could be a solution to our nuclear problems.

Via TED,