US Wind Power installations grows 31% in 4Q 2011

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported that US wind power installations grew with 31% in 2011, compared to the previous year. A total of 3.4 GW of wind power capacity was installed in the last quarter of 2011, bringing 2011’s total to 6.81 GW. For this year, more than 8.3 GW of capacity is under construction across the United States.

Adding up the wind power capacity installed in 2011, total US wind power capacity now stands at 46.9 GW. The cumulative capacity increased with 17% from 2010.

According to Denise Bode, the AWEA’s CEO, traditional tax incentives are working. “This shows what wind power is capable of: building new projects, powering local economies and creating jobs”, Bode stated in a press release.

For this year, growth is expected to continue, though the expiration of the wind power Production Tax Credit (PTC) will slow the fast-growing industry a bit down. More than 100 wind projects in 31 states and Puerto Rico are under construction at present. New projects with a total capacity of nearly 3.5 GW broke ground in 4Q, bringing the annual total of projects under construction to 8.320 GW.

Via Clean Technica