Wind Turbine Prices continue to drop

While fossil fuel prices continue to rise, wind energy prices continue to fall. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s latest Wind Turbine Price Index (WTPI) reports that utility-scale wind power equipment prices hit a new low in the second half of 2011. Prices dropped about 4%.

According to Bloomberg contracts signed in the second half of 2011 for 2013 delivery fell to EUR 0.91m/MW ($1.21/MW), down 4% from six months earlier and well off their five-year high of EUR 1.21m/MW in 2009.

Price drops were largest for older wind turbines, dropping to ”EUR 0.85m ($1.13m) per megawatt on average, down 10% from six months earlier.”

Chinese manufacturers led the competition, even in developing wind power markets across the world, such as Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Australia.

Source: BNEF