Germany Breaks 25% Renewable Energy Barrier

Just within 25 years, Germany achieved the renewable electricity production of 25 percent. If we look at German law (pdf), renewable energy is projected to become an even greater part of the german electricity generation as german law states that 35% of the electricity production in 2020 must come from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, german law dictates that 50% of electricity production in 2030 must come from renewables, 65% in 2040, and even 80% in 2050.

From its first solar power project in 1987, a restaurant powered by solar panels, energy from renewable energy sources climbed from 21% in the first half of 2011 to 25% right now.

The BDEW (Energy and Water Industries Association) reports that wind energy holds its lead, contributing 9.2%, followed by biomass at 5.7%. Solar power surged 47% higher than one year previously, to 5.3%. Hydroelectric, waste incineration, and other sources made up the rest of the renewables sector.