Help save the planet, one Eco Tour at a time

Bon Tuk is a green company on Bonaire. They can be identified by their electric vehicles, the Tuk Tuk’s. These Tuks, of Asian origin, are driven by a modern, quite, zero-emission electric powered engine. The island of Bonaire wants to be green and ecologic, and this is completely in line with Bon Tuks vision. They are trying to save the planet by offering Eco Tours on the island with their electric Tuk Tuks.

The idea for the Bon Tuk took shape in 2011. The founders, Ilse Jansen and Bas van den Hee were looking for opportunities to start a business on Bonaire. They agreed that Bonaire with its pleasant climate was very suitable for open vehicles. The Tuk Tuk is one such vehicle. They looked for possibilities to adapt Tuks to run on electricity and found it. The vehicles are from Thailand and were fitted with an electric motor in the Netherlands and then shipped to the Caribbean. The company offers tours and plan to use local guides so that they may tell visitors about their culture and history. The main goal of this initiative is to offer tourists the opportunity in which to explore the island in a clean and environmentally friendly way using a ‘green’ vehicle. And it looks like a success to me!