British nemesis breaks electric speed record

Just last week, a modified Lotus Exige reached a top speed of 243 km/h at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire. With this result the battery-powered Lotus Exige has broken the British speed record for an electric car. The Lotus Exige was designed to break with the tradition that electric cars are boring. The Lotus Exige definitely shows this tradition is not correct.

The Nemesis, which is a modified Lotus by Ecotricity, achieved an average speed of 151mph (243 km/h). The car was driven by 21-year-old Nick Ponting. The previous record of 137mph (220 km / h) was achieved by the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell, Don Wales, riding in a Bluebird Electric in 2000. Hypothetically, the car can achieve 200 mph (321 km / h), but conditions in the ‘real world’ reduce this top speed significantly.

According to Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, the company has built the Nemesis’ to stimulate thought and debate on how we see ourselves moving when there will be no more oil. “

The nemesis has a range of about 240 kilometers. That is a little more than the Nissan Leaf, but less than the Tesla Model S.