A Portable wind turbine which fit in a shipping container

Where a normal wind turbine is placed in one place for life, one company is working toward an adaptable and portable wind power turbine. The portable wind turbine will fit inside a standard shipping container and can be transported to remote job sites with no special equipment at all.

Installing a standard wind turbine is a permanent affair, once placed you can’t dismantle the unit and transport it to a different location. A portable wind turbine would be the solution for many solutions. The team at Uprise Energy, in San Diego, thinks they have an answer to that, with their Portable Power Center (PPC), a self-contained 50kW wind turbine unit that folds into a shipping container and is said to deliver renewable energy at a cost competitive with current fossil fuel rates.

The unit that Uprise is developing can be pulled behind a normal truck and can be set up in a couple of hours by a single person. Once installed and operating, the Uprise wind turbines can be grid-connected, used to produce hydrogen, or store the electricity in the unit. In addition, the turbines are said to integrate over 40 innovations in their Energy Conversion System, “a new and improved method of efficiently converting wind energy to electricity” according to the Uprise website.

Uprise says the following:
“Through intelligent programming, the machine is constantly monitoring weather patterns and adjusting itself to best capture energy from the wind. The machine rotates 360º to face the wind and adjust blade pitch and speed for optimum capture. When the wind is too strong, the computer automatically parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid damage.”