Norway decreases Palm Oil Consumption with 64% in one year

The growing palm oil industry is a burden on the environment, not to mention the world food supply. Knowing this, a campaign led by Rainforest Foundation Norway, has strived for a decrease in palm oil consumption in Norway. Result: Norway now consumes 64% less Palm Oil.

The interesting part is how they did it:

Last autumn, Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) launched a campaign with two aims; to reduce Norwegian palm oil consumption and to expose the link between deforestation and the production of this vegetable oil. The campaign, which was developed in collaboration with the organization Green Living, targeted all major food producers in Norway.

Producers were asked to disclose details about their use of palm oil, and whether the palm oil was sourced from sustainable sources. Norwegian law obliges companies to provide such information, if it is considered relevant for environmental concerns. The results of the investigation were published in a “palm oil guide”, a unique web-based tool where consumers can check the occurrence of palm oil in Norwegian food products. Previously, this information was unavailable, and the use of palm oil concealed as “vegetable oil” or “vegetable fat”.

The campaign received extensive media coverage, resulting in increased consumer awareness. Norwegian food producers responded rapidly, significantly reducing their use of palm oil.

This resulted in eight major producers cutting their consumption with 9600 tons. In 2011 every Norwegian inadvertently consumed three kilos of palm oil through food products. That’s a 64% total reduction in palm oil use in Norway.

Via RFN, Mongabay