Largest wind turbine in the world developed


Siemens has developed the largest wind turbine ever constructed. The rotor diameter, of the SWT-6.0-154, has surpassed the previous record holder, the second generation Enercon E126, by over two dozen feet. The E126 has a rotor diameter of approximately 127 meter, while Siemens’s new offshore wind turbine has a staggering 154 meter rotor diameter.

The 6 MW wind turbine will probably produce around 65 percent more electricity than earlier models of the company.


The massive blades for this new turbine are built as a single piece, without heavy fittings and connections, allowing a weight savings of 20 percent. This will likely be a greater benefit for offshore turbines like this, since enormously long single piece blades are hard to transport over land.


A study by Swiss and Dutch Scientists (source) show that the larger a wind turbine is, the more energy it produces, accounting for both size and the improved technology over time. Constructing massive offshore wind farms makes scaling up easier and makes harnessing wind energy more cost effective. Since expensive underwater foundations are needed to support these turbines, having larger but fewer wind turbines will reduce production costs.