Energy Star Homes Pay for Themselves

ryan-home-presentsEnergy Star has long been a respected name in the world of energy efficiency, with the label being applied to all manner of machines and materials. In residential applications, an Energy Star certified home is one that meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s testing standards, consuming 15-30% less than typical new homes. Often the best way to do this is by using Energy Star certified products in construction to further enhance energy efficiency. This can include household appliances and electronics, as well as upgrades to utilities such as electric and plumbing that together can exponentially increase energy efficiency through lowering energy demands and reducing waste.

In this infographic from Ryan Homes we can see how the high end of Energy Star certified homes fare in annual savings. In the average new home, 30% off an annual energy bill can save as much as $600. The majority of these savings can come from heating and cooling, so improving efficiency in a home’s insulation, ductwork, air conditioning, windows and/or ventilation will likely bring the biggest savings. Even if its only enough for a large bag of gummy bears, improving energy efficiency through Energy Star is a smart and environmentally friendly investment that will bring savings on your next energy bill.

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