What is Solar PV Electricity and how is it useful?

solar-pvIn very simple and basic terms, Solar PV electricity or Solar Photovoltaic electricity is that form of electric power which is obtained from daylight. There are many PV Projects running around the world that helps people to buy cheap electricity.


Solar PV is the method which converts the solar radiation (daylight) into direct current electricity by using semiconductors (Solar cells). Several solar cells containing photovoltaic material like Silicon, cadmium telluride, copper indium, gallium sulphide  are electrically connected together to form photovoltaic modules, or solar panels. When the daylight falls on these panels they generate electricity. A single panel can be proved sufficient to charge an emergency telephone and a series of such panels is installed for more capacity generation.


The Solar PV power capacity is measured in “Wp” or “Watts peak”. The actual PV electricity generation can be less or more than the standard value and it depends upon several factors like geographical location, time of day, weather conditions etc. The early use of Solar PV was restricted to power the orbiting satellites and other spacecraft but today this 3rd most important renewable source of energy (PV) after water and wind is used for electricity generation to be used for domestic and commercial use.


  • Sun as abundant resource

We all know that the solar radiation is plenty and the highest power density resource for energy generation. Hence it will not be long before solar energy will become the world’s primary energy source.

  • Pollution free

Daylight is no doubt the clean energy resource during use and the existing pollution control measures are very much capable of maintaining the production end-waste and emissions very well.

  • Low maintenance and continuously decreasing cost

Once the Solar PV setup is set it needs very low maintenance and can operate for several years. Hence when compared to other technologies to generate power Solar PV setup is very cost efficient. Moreover as the capacity increases cost further decreases in the case of Solar PV environment.

  • Least energy wastage during production

In Solar PV the electricity generated is collected via grids which can be used locally which in turn ensures very less transmission/distribution losses.

  • Relatively lesser money for research required

We know that nuclear and fossil energy sources need costly research environment before we consider them for energy generation. In case of Solar PV, relatively less research setup money is required. This also increases the area for continuous improvements.

  • Wider Reach

Solar PV works well for both urban and rural areas so its approach is quite vast. It can be installed on the roof of most houses that are capable of supporting the equipment and can be easily connected to a building’s electricity supply.

  • Solar PV requires only daylight, not necessarily sunlight, and is therefore capable of generating electricity even on cloudy days.

Well in this era where there is a growing demand of renewable source of energy, Solar PV is a gift. Being used in more than 100 countries worldwide no doubt Solar PV technology will blend with all landscapes and will spread soon as the primary source of green, clean source of power.