7 Stunning Eco Gadgets Made from Recycled Car Parts

When an auto part ceases to work and perform the function for which it was intended, most people just toss that part into the trash. That’s sad, though, because, believe it or not, auto parts can actually be recycled and then used in a wide range of very cool and amazing products. In fact, here are seven gadgets made from recycled auto parts that might just surprise you:

1. Lights Made from Hubcaps

Many artsy entrepreneurs are now making and selling lights crafted from hubcaps. These lights look something like a country version of a chandelier and are a great statement piece. Whether you want to show your love of a particular automotive brand or of autos in general, or whether you honestly like the look- or at least the kitsch value- of these lights, they’re a great investment and a great addition to any home.

2. Intriguing Entertainment Stands

The true car lover or anyone who wants an eye catching entertainment stand for his or her living room will flip for the “automotive” entertainment stands. These stands are usually made from a recognizable part of a car, such as the back end, and are kept in their original shape, so there’s no doubt about what the stand was made from. Many people face the stands toward the wall to give the illusion of a car having been wrecked into the wall; pretty funky and fun, no matter how you look at it!

3. “Get in Gear” Clocks

Car gears are interesting to look at; there is just something visually appealling about their spiky, rounded design. Well, now you can look at and be fascinated with a car gear all day long! Many designers are creating clocks made from nothing more than a simple car gear and a couple of hands; get one today and jazz up any home or office!

4. Seats Made from Recycled Tires

You’ve probably heard of tire swings, but have you heard of tire seats? These days, Eco-conscious designers are taking tires and twisting, welding, and melting them down into comfortable, pliable seating. Get a painted chair or one that maintains its natural “tire look.”

5. Cufflinks Made from Engine Parts

Most men love cars, and now, men can show their love for cars by wearing a piece of their favorite car on their wrists! Yes, believe it or not, artists around the world are taking parts of car engines- the most common part is the engine piston bearings- and turning them into stylish, sophisticated cufflinks. Get a pair for yourself or the man in your life today!

6. Seatbelt Handbags for the Ladies

Men can have their cufflinks, but what about something for the lady lovers of automobiles? Well, these women can enjoy a stylish purse made from…believe it or not…seat belts. Fashion designers are actually recycling old seat belts (and the buckles!) to create charming, patchwork-design purses.

7. A “Hooded” Coffee Table

Men and women alike can enjoy a sleek, smooth coffee table that’s made from recycled car hoods! Some coffee tables keep their “hood” shape for a fun and funky addition to your living room, while others look polished and pristine, and you’d never guess they were made from recycled car parts.

As you can see, there are lots of uses for recycled car parts! You can find the part you need to create your own masterpiece at Mack’s Auto Parts, or other reputable used auto parts dealer. Now let your creativity fly free!