The Science of A Green Home: Three Technologies for a Greener House

An increasing number of homeowners are looking for ways to make a house more environmentally friendly. Many of the traditional technologies used in a home are designed more for convenience without any regard for energy use or environmental impact. This is now changing as more green technologies are starting to appear and become accessible to average homeowners. There are three technologies available today that will make a house greener.

Home Automation

Leaving lights, appliances and other electronics on in the home unnecessarily wastes a very large amount of energy every year. The same is true of leaving thermostats set unnecessarily high or low. A technology that can make a home much greener is home automation. Home automation systems allow an individual to control many different parts of the house from a mobile device or controllers mounted throughout the home. Many include occupancy sensors for lights. A home automation system can make it possible to turn off lights, deactivate electronics and change thermostats from any location. Home automation is a very effective green technology.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Inefficient or aging doors and windows are the largest source of energy loss in the home. Windows and doors can allow warm air to enter or escape constantly while creating uncomfortable drafts. This causes an increase in the use of heating and cooling systems. Inefficient windows and doors can increase heating and cooling costs by anywhere from 10 to 25 percent. The solution is to install new energy-efficient windows and doors. This can dramatically reduce energy use and the carbon footprint of the home. Additionally, many modern windows include coatings to help filter out harmful ultraviolet light. Professional installers such as Great Canadian Roofing and Siding (who offer windows and doors in Edmonton) can talk with you about the best solutions for reducing energy use in your home through modern energy-efficient technologies. Make sure that whichever professionals you consult offer these options.

Solar Water Heaters

The water heater in a home could be responsible for up to 20 percent of monthly energy use. A green technology that can help is a solar water heater. Solar water heaters use the sun to keep water hot. One system uses the sun to directly heat water in a tank. A second type of system uses solar panels to generate electricity for heating elements. Solar water heaters can reduce energy use significantly without affecting access to hot water. Most systems include batteries or backup mechanisms to keep water hot even at night.

Installing new windows, a solar water heater or a home automation system has many benefits beyond making a home green. Greener homes use less energy. They are also more comfortable and convenient in most cases. Installing the latest green technologies can improve a house in many different ways.