A Recycled Solar-Powered House floating on Water

Have you ever considered trading your house for a life on the water, but don’t like the idea of living in small cramped living quarters below the deck? Then you should definitely take a moment and look at this floating, solar-power home, designed by renowned Italian architect Giancarlo Zema.

As our climate warms and sea levels continue rise, our coastlines will change irrevocably. EcoFloLife, the firm behind Zema’s “Waternest 100,” has spent years designing a new generation of energy-efficient homes to accommodate our changing planet and lives. The 1,000 square foot Waternest 100 is made from recycled timber and a recycled aluminum hull. The design includes skylights, balconies, and large windows that offer sweeping views of the natural surroundings. The roof is essentially a giant solar panel, and best of all, the home can be set to float atop any calm body of water.




Source: Gizmodo.com

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