The Dew collecting Greenhouse: Growing food in extreme dry places

The-Dew-collecting-GreenhouseA group of researches in Northern Ethiopia have come up of a way to fight water and food scarcity by developing a dew collecting greenhouse that could help farmers grow fresh vegetables in even the driest parts in the World.

dew_collector_greenhouse© Roots Up

The simple design uses low-cost materials to both improve plant-growing conditions inside and act as a water harvester, making it an attainable technology for area farmers. The initiative wants to support highland farmers who’ve been facing low crop yields and food insecurity because of drought.

dew_collector© Roots Up

he greenhouse traps hot air and humidity during the heat of the day, creating a better atmosphere for plant growth and then at night, a rope can be pulled that opens up a latch at the top of the greenhouse that lets cool air in, eventually reaching the dew point and creating condensation. The water droplets are channeled into a collection cistern and can be used for drinking water or for irrigation.