If you’re a fan of Battlefield 1 or any other multiplayer game, then you know how important it is to have a great desktop wallpaper. 

Thankfully, the community has created some incredible backgrounds that will help you feel like you’re playing on the battlefield. Here are a few of them:

We hope you enjoy this collection!

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is a new title from the famous military shooter franchise, and it’s set to release this week for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

 It takes place in World War II, and like its predecessor, steeps players in the dizzying miasma of large-scale combat.

In the years since its debut, Battlefield has evolved as a franchise that seeks to refocus on multiplayer action while remaining true to its WWII-set roots. 

Compared to other titles in the genre, Battlefield V is less concerned with microtransactions and progression systems than its rivals. Instead, it offers players in-game currency that they can earn through regular play.

That’s a huge win for fans, who are tired of games that require premium season passes and loot boxes in order to progress through the game. 

It also makes the game easier to recommend for gamers who have yet to try out a Battlefield title.

For the campaign, you’ll be taking on missions across the western theater of the war, with each mission centered around an individual “war story” from that time. 

There are a few twists to each, and they all play out with the same high level of detail that you’ll see in the rest of the game.

The visuals of Battlefield are among the best I’ve ever seen in a first-person shooter. The backgrounds, weapons, and characters all have a high degree of detail that is never slowed down during the campaign or multiplayer.

Despite that, it’s worth noting that the game suffers from performance issues if you have a lot of free memory available. 

This is caused by the game’s heavy caching, and it can be fixed easily by restarting the game or clearing out free memory.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate the launch of Battlefield V, consider changing your desktop background with one of these stunning 4K and HD wallpapers. 

You can download these for free and use them as a desktop background on your computer, laptop, or mobile device.


In DayZ, the zombie apocalypse has struck and it’s up to you to fight for survival.

 Spawning hungry, thirsty, and alone, players scavenge the fictional post-soviet state of Chernarus in this authentic open-world survival game from Bohemia Interactive.

The game is an early-access title from the company behind ARMA 2. 

This version of the original mod was developed by Dean Hall and published by Bohemia in 2018. It’s one of the best multiplayer-only games on the market, and it’s sold over three million copies during its early access phase.

This is an open-world first-person survival game set in the bleak aftermath of a global catastrophe that has turned much of the planet into a wasteland. 

The main challenge is surviving on your own in the harsh and unforgiving landscape while scavenging for supplies, hunting zombies, and avoiding a host of other threats from other players to bandits and disease.

With no checkpoints or save points, death is a real-time affair and there are few things more heartbreaking than losing all of your hard-earned gear, guns, and ammo.

 To get the most out of your game you’ll want to plan your routes and scavenge for weapons and loot, but you’ll need to be on your guard as well when exploring the 225km2 map, which will take days to traverse.

The best part is that if you’re in the mood for a big-screen display, this HD wallpaper is a sure-fire winner. 

You can download it for free and add it to your desktop or mobile phone in a matter of seconds. And don’t forget to share it with your friends! 

The more you share, the more chances you have to get some extra rewards.

Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination that has something for everyone.

 You can indulge in gambling, party with the stars, shop for luxury goods, have a wedding, and go on a vacation.

 However, it’s more than just a place where you can do all those things; it has a fascinating history that has left an impression on the world. Read on to learn more about the interesting facts and statistics of this city.

One of the most popular attractions for tourists in Las Vegas is Battlefield Vegas, an American shooting range and outdoor military museum.

 Founded by two former servicemen, Ron Cheney, and David Famiglietti, the business consists of an indoor 11-lane shooting range and a 25-acre desert area for outdoor shooting. 

The company primarily employs veterans and has a collection of about 750 firearms, 550 of which are automatic weapons. 

It also sells shooting experiences that are inspired by war films and video games, such as Call of Duty’s Black Ops and Modern Warfare series.

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper to put on your smartphone or computer, Pngtree has an extraordinary selection of high-quality images of the city of Las Vegas that will instantly refresh the look of your device.

 All of our background png and vectors are available in various resolutions to fit any device, and you can download them free of charge as your wallpaper. 

We also have a wide variety of backgrounds that you can customize to make your desktop or laptop look its best. 

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